Troy Calcium Syrup is an oral dietary supplement given during whelping and lactation or in any other case of calcium deficiency that may result in hypocalcemia (low blood calcium).

During whelping, calcium supplementation aims to maintain sufficient blood calcium levels to sustain efficient contractions during the whelp. During lactation, it ensures the bitch is receiving enough calcium during lactation. Supplementing promotes the remineralisation of the bones in calcium deficiency and disorders of calcium metabolism and aims to prevent conditions such as eclampsia (AKA milk fever). You can read more about calcium here.


Give Troy Calcium Syrup orally or with food twice daily. And follow the recommended dosages as shown in the product images and on the back of the bottle. Always follow advice from your veterinarian when supplementing calcium. Please don’t use it in place of a high-quality, balanced diet or appropriate puppy milk.


22mg/ml calcium as:

  • calcium glubionate, and
  • calcium lactobionate


The ENFit Bottle Cap is compatible and can be screwed directly onto the top of the bottle. Alternatively, the  ENFit Sampling Straw and ENFit Syringes (together) can be used to draw up and administer the calcium.

This is an Australian-made product by Troy Laboratories.

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