Inca OSSOL Calcium and Vitamin Supplement is an oral dietary supplement in syrup form. Use it during whelping and lactation and other cases of calcium deficiency that may result in hypocalcemia (low blood calcium).

During whelping, calcium supplementation aims to maintain sufficient blood calcium levels to sustain efficient contractions during the whelp. During lactation, it ensures the bitch is receiving enough calcium during lactation. Supplementing promotes the remineralisation of the bones in calcium deficiency and disorders of calcium metabolism and aims to prevent conditions such as eclampsia (AKA milk fever). You can read more about calcium here.

It also contains cholecalciferol (AKA Vitamin D3) and Thiamine HCl (a compound containing Vitamin B1). These vitamins aid in the absorption of calcium in the intestines. 


OSSOL Calcium and Vitamin Supplement is suitable for both dogs and cats. The dosage varies from up to 5mL, 10mL, or 15mL for dogs and half this for cats based on size and diet. This amount can be up to double for lactating bitches/queens and growing puppies/kittens. Use calcium as advised by your veterinarian and not in place of a high-quality, balanced diet or appropriate puppy milk.


  • Calcium Chloride Dihydrate 33mg/mL
  • Calcium Acetate (dried) 47mg/mL
  • Cholecalciferol 0.26mg/mL
  • Thiamine HCl 0.23mg/mL

OSSOL Calcium and Vitamin Supplement Syrup contains 20mg/mL of calcium and 100IU per mL of Vitamin D.


The ENFit Sampling Straw and ENFit Syringes (together) can be used to draw up and administer the calcium.

INCA OSSOL Calcium and Vitamin Supplement is an Australian-made product by INCA (Flight) Company PTY LTD.

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