DeLee Suction Device with Mucus Trap, also called a Mucus Extractor, is a simple suction device which is very useful for newborn puppies. It has a suction catheter as well as a mouthpiece attached to a 20ml Mucus Trap. The mucus trap ensures that fluid and mucus is contained and cannot end up in the mouthpiece. 

The DeLee Suction Device with Mucus Trap is used and recommended by Myra Savant Harris and breeders worldwide. They are very easy to use and is more efficient than a suction bulb. 

The used sucks on the mouthpiece to create a negative suction pressure in the catheter. Any fluids are collected in the mucus trap and do not come in contact with the user. 

NOTE: there are some very concerning videos circulating on the internet that demonstrate an entirely erroneous technique. If the catheter is inserted further in than the back of the throat, you will MORE THAN LIKELY be entering the esophagus and stomach and NOT the lungs. Not that you want to enter the lungs in any case. You only want to remove any mucus in the oral cavity, back of the throat and nostrils. That’s it. Fluids in the lungs will come into the throat, oral cavity, and nose as the puppy’s lungs inflate and begin to ventilate.

Specifications: 12FG suction tube, 33cm long.

We also recommend the 1oz/30ml Silicone Suction Bulb and 2oz/60ml Silicone Suction Bulb.


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