One Puff™ Puppy Aspirator & Resuscitator safely helps save distressed newborn puppies and kittens. Over the past 16 years, it has been proven globally for use with newborn animals in respiratory arrest or having difficulty breathing. Most puppies are born with some level of respiratory distress, and therefore they can be helped greatly with the One Puff. 

The One Puff™ Puppy Aspirator & Resuscitator clears breathing pathways by applying negative pressure (suction), which helps aspirate the lungs, not just the oral cavity. In addition, it stimulates the first breaths of distressed newborns that struggle to breathe. It does this by gently inflating the lungs, with correct pressure and volumes of air, and in doing so stimulates the respiratory reflex. Above all, the One Puff’s saves hundreds of lives, making one of the most popular tools for veterinarians and breeders. 

  • Made from quality materials for superior product life
  • Clean in 1:20 solution of bleach and water.
  • Two-part aspirator/resuscitator clears mucus and stimulates respiratory reflex
  • Uses a controlled 10ml/10cc amount of air
  • Recommended for all for C-section births
  • Resuscitator mask B can additionally be attached directly to oxygen, as well as used as an anesthesia mask

The McCulloch Medical™ Constant Delivery™ One Puff™ Puppy Aspirator & Resuscitator includes:

  • Aspirator Unit A, with fitted Mask A
  • Resuscitator Unit B, with fitted Mask B
  • Clear-front carrying/wall mount case
  • Instructions
  • 2 year warranty
  • Optional extras:
Weight 0.763 kg

2 reviews for One Puff™ Puppy Aspirator & Resuscitator

  1. Ann Parker

    I have used one of these at my local vets 3 times and thought how good they are so I have purchased one and am extremely happy with this product it suits my small breed perfectly and would not hesitate to recommend this to many of my breeder friends
    Ann Parker

  2. Robyn Bayly

    I was lucky enough to have a friend who ordered an extra One Puff Aspirator for me before my last litter of pups was due… My girl was delivering her babies very fast and the first 3 had difficulties breathing…. having the Aspirator on hand was literally a life saver for my babies…. I would recommend it to anyone .

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