Iowa Umbilical Cord Scissors 10.5cm, are non-ratcheted scissors to cut the umbilical cord with. These scissors have wide, flat, curved blades, and don’t let the cord slide. Umbilical Cord Scissors 10.5cm, made from Surgical Stainless Steel. 

Consider delayed cord clamping and cutting:

Because of several benefits to the puppies, leave the placenta attached and delay cord clamping and cutting for 2-5 minutes (45sec for caesareans), if possible. Furthermore, optimise the delay by elevating the placenta and holding it above the level of the puppy (gravity is your friend!).

Many studies in humans have looked into the effects of delayed cord clamping (DCC) versus immediate cord clamping (ICC). Dog breeders and veterinarians should take note, as the information translates to animals.

  • Full-term vaginal births, 2-5 minute delay
        • Increased blood volume (up to 30% gain)
        • Improved haematological status (haematocrit, iron levels and haemoglobin levels) in early infancy
  • Pre-term and low birthweight caesareans, 45s delay vs 20s delay
        • Reduces the need for packed red cell transfusions
        • Protects against late-onset sepsis (leading cause of morbidity in pre-term human babies) and intraventricular haemorrhage (bleeding inside or around the ventricles in the brain)
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