The Insemination Tube – M2 Tip is a single-use pipette used for artificial insemination, that has a unique M2 Tip. 

The M2 Insemination Tube has a polished stainless steel tip, which has two side ports. This is the thinnest insemination tube on the market, measuring only 3mm wide. Most insemination tubes are 5.5mm. The insemination tube has a flex tip adapter for an easy and secure fit onto any of our semen-safe syringes.


  • Available in two lengths
    • 12.5cm (5″) recommended for toy breeds
    • 25cm (10″)  recommended for small to large size breeds
  • Flex tip adapter fits onto semen-safe syringes
  • Flexible blue PVC shaft
  • Individually packaged and gamma irradiated (sterile)
  • Single-use only

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