The Free Standing Vial 50ml are internally sterile centrifuge vials. They are widely used to collect, store and transport fresh semen. Because you can connect them to the end of a Semen Collection Sheath or Latex Collection Cone, they make handling of fresh semen easier. Furthermore, store prepared doses of Canine Semen Extender or Colostrum in the freezer using the Falcon Collection Vial 50ml. If you require a smaller vial, have a look at our 15ml Falcon Collection Vial.

Semen Quality

Semen is best used immediately but if you must store it, promptly refrigerate to ensure viability. It can safely be chilled for 24 hours with little damage to the sperm’s viability, however, it is best to use a semen extender. The semen extender will also allow you to extend storage up to 48hrs. 


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