The Canine Semen Extender kit allows you to store cooled semen for use up to 48 hours after collection. It helps sustain a higher percent of forward motility over time, compared to raw semen. The Canine Semen Extender increases the insemination dose volume, making it easier to handle. In addition, it minimises loss of spermatozoa in equipment, such as insemination pipettes. Furthermore, the extender prevents clumping of spermatozoa, so that forward motility can be enhanced. The semen extender comes without antibiotics, giving the option of adding the antibiotic of your choice, if required.

Main features of the Canine Semen Extender:

  • Store cooled semen for use up to 48 hours after collection
  • Maintains a higher percent of forward motility over time as compared to raw semen
  • Increases the insemination dose volume, minimising spermatozoa loss in equipment
  • Made in USA.

Storage of the Canine Semen Extender:

Store product at room temperature. Do not expose to elevated temperatures, high humidity or sunlight. Do not hold components from one breeding season to the next.

Mixing Instructions of the Canine Semen Extender:

  1. Add the processed powder to the sterile water.
  2. For best results, raise the temperature of the sterile water to 37.8ºC (100°F) by placing the bottle in an incubator or a water bath prior to adding the powder.
  3. Use within 8 hours of mixing. The mixed extender may be stored in an incubator or water bath at 37.8ºC (100°F) or it can be frozen (in smaller portions, if desired) in sterile containers at a temperature of <20ºC (-5°F) for up to 6 months.
  4. Thaw frozen extender by placing the bottle in a water bath or an incubator at 37.8ºC (100°F). Higher thawing temperatures my cause ingredient damage.
  5. Before mixing semen with extender, the extender must be at 37.8ºC (100°F) to avoid cold shock to the spermatozoa.
  6. Decide on a desired ratio of semen to extender.
    1. A ratio of 1 part semen to 4 parts extender is generally recommended, but ratios between 1:1 and 1:4 are acceptable.
    2. Another approach is to dilute the semen so that each insemination dose contains 200 million motile spermatozoa.
  7. Add Canine Semen Extender (at 37.8ºC (100°F)) to the semen and maintain at a temperature of 37.8ºC (100°F) for no more than two hours before use.


When an antibiotic has been added to the extender, the semen extender mixture should not be used for at least 20 minutes to allow sufficient time for the antibiotics to control the penile pathogens which may be sensitive to the antibiotics.

Suitable, sterile containers for storage and freezing of the Canine Semen Extender:

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