IdentaPup ID Bands come in 12 Colours and include 12 bands. They are a favourite amongst breeders because they will not attach to other collars. The ID Bands are adjustable, with no buckles, knots or strings. Furthermore, the easy wrap-around design requires a great deal of strength to loosen or detach (even for the most mischievous puppies). Finally, ID Bands for newborn Puppies and kittens are supplied in sets of 12, with 12 different colours.

Identification, ID or whelping collars and bands are great for accurately identifying puppies in a litter, and are used from birth. Breeders can easily identify each puppy at a glance, which is highly practical for daily weighing, feeding, worming and monitoring.  ID collars are also great for prospective puppy-owners, enabling them to identify their puppy in pictures and video snippets.

From 6 weeks of age, we also recommend progression to the IdentaPup Safety ID Collars. These are small Collars with a safety buckle and d-ring, which will help puppies become accustomed to wearing a collar. 


  • 20cm length, suitable from birth, and 30cm length, suitable from 2 to 8 weeks
  • 12 Collars, 12 different colours
  • Self-Attaching and lightweight
  • Easy wrap-around design
  • Adjustable and soft
  • Won’t stick to other collars or bedding if applied correctly
  • Durable
  • Washable, colourfast, and reusable


  • 20cm (8”, 3/8” width) for newborns and small breed puppies
  • 30cm (12″, 3/8” width) for progression for medium to large breed puppies
Weight 0.022 kg


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