This 25ml glass bottle comes with a white plastic cap that screws on securely. This bottle is made of strong flint glass and is shaped in a round design. It is highly versatile and compatible with Wombaroo teats. The white plastic cap it comes with fits securely, ensuring that the milk stays fresh and uncontaminated in the fridge or freezer.

The 25ml size is perfect for storing a portion of milk for a single feed. It also makes managing multiple bottles in the fridge or freezer easier, ensuring you don’t run out of milk quickly. The small size of the bottle also makes it easier for you to warm multiple bottles up at the same time.

The glass bottle is also safe for sterilisation through boiling or soaking (in sterilising solution). Its small size lends itself to an even quicker sterilisation process, which means that you can always have a clean bottle ready in hand. The bottle is also highly durable and does not need to be replaced often. This makes it a really good investment in the long run.

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