Our Whelping Box is available in 5 sizes, ranging from Toy to Giant. The Whelping Box is perfect for breeders, vets, shelters and rescue groups alike.

Design & Inclusions:

The Whelping Boxes include pig rails, 6 multi-use hooks and 4 corner shelves. Each corner has keyholes at the bottom for feeding cables and wires in and out (heat pads, thermometer/ thermostat probe, etc). The front panels have vertical holes for securing puppy pens of any type. The corner shelves slow cold air dropping into the box, and warm air rising. This reduces temperature fluctuations and helps keep the temperature stable.


In 2019 we upgraded our design, and the pig rails are now secured with thumb screws. If you have the previous design and find that your dam dislodges the rails (some are heavier on the rails than others), we offer upgrade kits for $35+ postage.


Our Whelping Boxes have a clever yet simple knock-together design, so they flat-pack for storage and transport, and take less than 10 minutes to put together. No tools are required for assembly (perhaps a little knock with a rubber mallet).

Composition & Storage:

Our Whelping Boxes are made from uPVC which is strong, lightweight, water resistant. In addition, they have low thermal conductivity, which helps retain warmth. This helps to make our Whelping Boxes sturdy, hygienic and insulating. As the material is UV stabilised and impervious to water, the Whelping Boxes can be stored outside and hosed off or pressure washed.


  • Please email enquiries to info@whelpingsupplies.com.au as shipping for these items cannot be calculated on the website, and you cannot add them to your cart.
  • Please note that these are not stock items and that each one is made to order, requiring at least 1 week, often more, lead-time for manufacture.


It is very important to measure your dam when deciding on which size is best for you. The most important factor to consider is the reduced available space for the dam when pig rails are installed. The pig rails significantly impact on space for the dam. We recommend that you measure the dam from nose to base of tail, whilst she is lying down on her side. Add 10-20cm to this measurement, depending on breed size, and how much space you would like, and look at the measurements displayed in the table below. Pay particular attention to the last column; “space with pig rails in place”.

Box Size External dimension Height Internal space Space with pig rails in place
Toy 80 x 80cm 40cm 73 x 73cm 51 x 51cm
Small 100 x 100cm 40cm 93 x 93cm 71 x 71cm
Medium 120 x 120cm 50cm 113 x 113cm 91 x 91cm
Large 140 x 140cm 60cm 133 x 133cm 108 x 108cm
Giant 160 x 160cm 60cm 153 x 153cm 128 x 128cm


4 reviews for Whelping Box – 5 sizes

  1. Carolyn

    I have the 140 x140 Box. I find it excellent as there is plenty of room for both Mum and Pups. Its easy to setup, Easy to clean and packs away great for storage. Thanks Ane for your help with getting this great product.

  2. Gayle Jarvis, Heelersridge Australian Cattle Dogs

    I just love this box. Easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to store away. A great investment. My girls thank you 🙂

  3. Nicky McDermott, Jayshell German Shepherd Dogs

    I have just assembled my 140 x 140 box for the first time. It was super easy and fitted together perfectly. Looking forward to using it next week. Thank you Ane, you were right with the size too.

  4. Alisha Watson

    We have just put together the giant whelping box and I love how super easy, and user friendly it is. The top piece make a great place for my puppy cam and a lamp for night. So easy to clean and also love how I can add pieces to the entry as the pups get bigger so they don’t escape. Thx Ane

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