Calcium Carbonate Powder is a supplement containing essential minerals for lactating bitches, and is used in the prevention and treatment of eclampsia. Powdered calcium supplementation is recommended during lactation, as the demand to provide calcium in the milk is increased and may lead to conditions such as eclampsia due to hypocalcemia.


The recommended dosage for lactating bitches is 25-50mg of elemental calcium/kg/day mixed with food. This corresponds to 0.064-1.289g of this product per kilogram of your bitch per day and should be divided into 3 to 4 separate meals. This range should be taken into consideration with the current nutritional diet you are providing for your bitch.


Mean Percent by Weight: 97% Calcium Carbonate, 1.1% Magnesium Carbonate, 0.7% Silica, 0.2% Alumina, and 0.2% Ferric Oxide.


Powdered calcium supplements like Calcium Carbonate Powder are generally of better value than liquid syrup suspensions and are easy to incorporate into food while the bitch is lactating. However, in the case of whelping, a liquid supplement such as Troy Calcium Syrup is the easiest way to ensure the bitch has sufficient calcium to regulate contraction as the syrup is both highly palatable and easy to administer.

This product is Australian made by ACE Chemical Company.

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