Wombaroo Latex Teat – P is a soft teat suitable for small mammals, toy breeds, cats and rabbits. Teats should resemble the mother’s in shape and length for mouth comfort, fit and correct tooth eruption. Animal teats get bigger and longer as the newborn grows, so progression to a larger teats is important. The sleeve of the teats fit bottles with a neck diameter of 18-24mm, such as the 100ml Wombaroo plastic bottle. In addition, the teats fit 10ml and 20ml silicone o-ring luer lock syringes.

Hole Size:

There is no hole in the teats, so the carer can make a hole to suit the age of the animal. There are several techniques to do this.

  • Pierce the tip of the teat with a hot needle to make a hole about 1mm in diameter
  • For larger animals, cut a hole with scissors
  • Stretch the tip of the teat by pushing a toothpick up the inside of the teat. Snip off the very tip with sharp scissors.
  • If the hole is too small, excessive sucking will quickly weaken the tip and the end will blow out.
  • If the hole is too large, excessive milk flow may increase the risk of the baby aspirating milk into the lungs.
  • The hole should be large enough for milk to drip out slowly, when the bottle is inverted.

Feeding Technique:

Small animals can be fed using a 10 or 20ml syringe with a teat pulled over the end. Our silicone o-ring luer lock syringes are perfect for this. This gives greater control of milk flow with the plunger, as well as more accurate measurement of dose given. Guidance should be obtained from experienced carers on correct feeding technique for different animals.

Care & Storage:

Latex is a natural product, and degrades with use. It is also susceptible to light, heat and chemicals. Deterioration can be slowed by storing teats in an opaque, airtight container, and kept away from light and heat. For long term storage, some carers dust the teats in cornflour. Teats should be washed in warm soapy water immediately after use, dried and stored as above. Some carers sterilise them by boiling or using infant sterilising solutions, however, this will reduce the lifespan of the teat.

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