Introducing IdentaPup ID Collars, the ideal solution for young puppies and kittens between 4 to 12 weeks of age, designed as a seamless progression from initial IdentaPup ID bands or paracord collars. These identification, ID, or whelping collars play a pivotal role in accurately distinguishing puppies within a litter, simplifying the daily tasks of breeders such as weighing, feeding, worming, and monitoring.

Our ID collars also serve prospective puppy owners by allowing them to easily identify their future furry companion in photographs and video clips.

IdentaPup Collars are meticulously crafted with breeders in mind, boasting a range of exceptional features:


  1. Adjustable and Available in 3 Sizes: These collars are designed to accommodate a range of puppy and kitten sizes.
  2. Set of 12 in 12 Different Colors: With a versatile spectrum of colours, each collar is distinctive and easily recognizable.
  3. Colour-Matching Hardware: The collar hardware matches the individual band. So, colour can be easily identified on even the dirtiest of collars.
  4. Durable, Soft and Lightweight: These collars combine strength with comfort, ensuring your puppies or kittens’ well-being. All whilst being very lightweight.
  5. No Cumbersome Labels or Tags: Say goodbye to fussy labels or tags that can obstruct colour, stiffen the collar or interfere with smooth collar adjustment.
  6. Hand and Machine Washable (40ºC cycle): Convenience and hygiene come hand in hand with easy cleaning options.
  7. Helps Puppies Become Accustomed to Wearing a Collar: Facilitating the transition to a collar-wearing lifestyle.
  8. Great for Sending Puppies Home With: A thoughtful parting gift for new puppy owners.
  9. Matching IdentaPup Leads Are Also Available: A complete, coordinated set for your puppy’s needs.
  10. Sustainably Made from Recycled Materials: Contributing to a more eco-conscious approach to puppy care.

Choose IdentaPup ID Collars for a seamless and efficient solution in puppy identification. They are designed to make the lives of breeders and new puppy owners simpler and more enjoyable.


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