Dial A Dose Syringe is a reusable, large gauge syringe with a cap.  The Dial A Dose Syringe’s wide tip is well suited for dispensing thick fluids and gels. Use them to give oral supplements like Nutrigel or wet food, such as RC Recovery Mousse. The tip has a 7mm internal diameter, and the cap contains the contents, so that they don’t run out, or dry out.

The syringe shaft is graduated in 1mls (small syringe) and 5ml (large syringe). And there is also a dose limiter dial on the shaft. This ring can be adjusted so that the syringe delivers only a certain amount (determined by you).

The Dial A Dose Syringe is available in:

  • Small: 30ml
  • Large: 60ml
Weight 0.04 kg



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