The Vetario 30 Intensive Care Unit is a multi-purpose small animal ICU. It provides warmth and isolation that is essential for critical care needs for a variety of young, sick, injured or weak animals and birds. Because the internal floor area is 24cm x 24cm, and the 30 is ideal for rescue and recovery of small mammals or birds. The unit is equally suited to wildlife rescue and pet breeders, as well as for the intensive care of young.

Key Benefits:

  • The Vetario 30 is portable: it has an integral carrying handle and is stackable. It operates at 12v for safety and can be powered from the mains with the adaptor (supplied) or from a car cigarette lighter (also supplied).
  • The units are stackable. The feet of one unit interlock with sockets in the cabinet of the unit below.
  • The clear door is made of tough, UV-resistant polycarbonate that can be closed and latched with one hand.
  • Temperature stability is maintained by a small fan that runs at low speed to minimise noise and disturbance. The adjustable vent allows plentiful ventilation in warm rooms or at low set temperatures which is important for larger animals.
  • Cleaning the Vetario 30 is easy. Simply lift off the hinged door, and the working parts and fascia unclip and slide out. No tools are needed, and this leaves the cabinet empty for deep cleaning.
  • The adjustable vent allows plentiful ventilation in warm rooms or at low set temperatures which is important for larger animals.

The Vetario 30 is protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additives. Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection is incorporated into the Vetario 30 cabinets during manufacture. Biomaster Protection is embedded within the plastic itself which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the optimum environment for young animals. Proven to quickly reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99%

Key Features of the Vetario 30 Portable:

  • Portable with integrated carry handle
  • Stackable
  • Clear door for easy observation
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to disassemble for deep cleaning
  • Quick warm-up
  • Quiet, low-speed fan
  • Double-walled cabinet for heat and sound insulation
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additives
  • Safe (12v operation)
  • Mains supply and 12v with (in-car cigarette lighter adaptor) included
  • External dimensions: 297 x 270 x 275mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal floor dimensions: 240mm x 240mm
  • Weight: 2.110kg
  • Max. power consumption (watts): 36
  • Typical running power consumption (watts): 18
  • FREE 3-year guarantee (subject to online registration)

Specifications of the Vetario S30 (Analogue):

  • Glass thermometer reading °C
  • Temperature range adjustable from room temperature to 38°C

Specifications of the Vetario T30 (Digital):

  • Digital control system reading °C or °F
  • Temperature range is adjustable from room temperature to 38°C in 0.1°C increments.
  • Dual alarms to warn of internal and external temperature fluctuations
Weight 5.00 kg
Dimensions 39 × 36 × 37 cm

S30 (Analogue), T30 (Digital)


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