The Medium Tray Scales are highly accurate and reliable scales for weighing newborn puppies, with 10kg capacity/ 1g accuracy.


  • Tray size: 293mm x 183mm
  • Overall size: 30 (W) x 21 (D) x 6 (T) cm
  • Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Large auto backlit LCD display (18mm height)
  • Auto zero resetting/power off
  • Mode function (g/oz/lb)
  • Auto backlight (optional)
  • Powered by 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • ABS plastic construction

Weighing newborn puppies on accurate and reliable digital scales, such as the Medium Tray Scales, on a daily basis for the first 2 weeks of life is essential. We recommend that weighing is done at the same time each day, so that daily gain is accurately monitored. You can then easily see if the puppies are growing and gaining well and notice early if a puppy is failing to gain or dropping behind. Early detection can be life-saving.

To help track your puppies’ weights, you can use our Litter Birth and Litter Growth Records. These forms are free to download and are the perfect accessory to the Medium Tray Scales.

As all our scales are digital and 1g accurate, they will not lock in the weight. This means that the weight that the scales display will keep fluctuating as long as the puppy is moving. It is, therefore, easier to weigh a tired and still puppy, than one that is wriggling and moving.


Weight 0.550 kg


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