Attend Myra Savant Harris’ Breeding Seminar Without Leaving Home! Reproduction, Whelping and Intensive Care is available on DVD.

Myra Savant Harris’ breeding seminar has been delivered hundreds of to times clubs and breeders throughout the USA. It is finally available as a comprehensive 8.5 hour recorded seminar. Myra applies scientific approaches to every aspect of breeding, dispelling a number of popular myths along the way.

Myra explains how to:

  • Set up the ideal conditions for your stud dog to thrive
  • Calculate when ovulation occurs, and the ideal time to breed
  • Determine when a C-Section really needs to happen
  • Know what the green discharge actually is
  • Use the accordion technique and a Delee suction catheter to resuscitate puppies
  • Enhance milk production, encouraging the puppies to latch onto the breast, and when to tube feed or use formula
  • Deal with common conditions such as mastitis, pyometra, eclampsia, and canine herpes

Along with great anecdotes and stories from Myra’s own experiences and breeders who she has worked with.

About the Author

Myra Savant Harris, R.N. is the author of four books. Myra combines her life-long interest in animals with her professional experience as a labour delivery nurse to bring breeders priceless information on reproduction and whelping. The hundreds of seminars Myra has given throughout the country has given breeders the skills, knowledge and confidence to have healthy and successful litters. She lives in Tacoma, Washington with her husband Doug Harris and her dogs.

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