The Puppy Gym Adventure Box is fantastic for young puppies and kittens. It provides early socialisation, sensory stimulation, interactive play and exploration. The Puppy Gym also helps desensitise puppies and kittens to noises, textures and movement.

The Puppy Gym is available in Small (55cm) and Large (80cm) models (small model displayed in pictures). 6 lengths of plastic chain are included, which is sufficient to dress two sides of the box. Purchase additional chain separately. 

Because it is made from industrial anodised aluminium and heavy duty plastic clips, the Puppy Gym is steady, sturdy, weather proof, hygienic and durable. We deliver it partially assembled so it is quickly completed with a few knocks of a rubber mallet. It comes apart again in the reverse order, for storage, if required.

WARNING: Any adventure box, such as the Puppy Gym, should only be used under supervision. Breeders and carers must use good sense and caution when choosing toys and gadgets. Long strings must be avoided or tethered at both ends to prevent accidental entanglement or strangulation. 

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 80 × 10 × 10 cm


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