Soft Silicone Teats with Ring come in 2 sizes with various flow speeds. Cair feeding accessories, teats and bottles are great for feeding newborn medium, large and giant breed puppies. They have been specially developed for use in hospitals and are suitable for Neonatology and Paediatrics.


  • Soft  and flexible textured silicone
  • Sterile and individually wrapped
  • Latex, Phthalate and Bisphenol A free
  • Compatible with all Cair and Materni bottles, as well as our 20ml luer lock or ENFit silicone o-ring syringes


  • Premature (very small) – 3 speed
  • Newborn (small)
    • Purple – 1 speed/slow
    • White – 3 speed
  • Includes cup cap with measurements marked from 10 ml to 60 ml, works as a clip-on teat cover
  • Bottle not included

Brand: Cair, made in France


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