IdentaPup ID Bands, specially designed for puppies and kittens.

Variety in Colors: These bands offer an array of 12 eye-catching colours and are available in sets of 12. Their vibrant hues make them a preferred choice among breeders. What sets them apart is that they won’t accidentally attach to other collars, ensuring a fuss-free experience.

Adjustable and Hassle-Free: IdentaPup ID Bands feature an adjustable design without buckles, knots, or strings. This user-friendly feature simplifies the application process, making securing them around young animals’ necks easy. The simple wrap-around design offers impressive security, even for the most playful and active puppies.

For All Stages: IdentaPup’s ID Bands are suitable from birth, making them an excellent choice for breeders. They are invaluable tools for accurately identifying puppies in a litter. Breeders can easily spot each puppy at a glance, streamlining daily tasks such as weighing, feeding, worming, and monitoring.

Pet Owner-Friendly: Beyond the breeder’s toolset, these ID bands cater to prospective puppy owners also. These bands make it a breeze for new owners to identify their future puppy or kitten in pictures and videos, creating a connection early on.

Transition to ID Collars: When your puppies reach the age of 4-6 weeks, consider progressing to IdentaPup ID Collars. These collars are smaller in size and feature a safety buckle and D-ring. They help puppies adapt to wearing a collar comfortably and safely.

Detailed Features:

  • Available in two lengths:
    • 20cm, suitable from birth for all breeds
    • 30cm, designed for puppies aged 2+ weeks or older kittens
  • Each set includes 12 bands in 12 different colours, ensuring each pet is uniquely identifiable.
  • IdentaPup ID Bands are self-attaching and lightweight, with a straightforward wrap-around design.
  • They are designed to be adjustable and soft for comfort.
  • When correctly applied, these bands won’t stick to other collars or bedding, providing a mess-free experience.
  • These bands are made to last, being durable, washable, colourfast, and reusable, making them a reliable long-term solution.

Sizing Guidance:

  • Opt for 20cm (8″, 3/8″ width) bands for newborns and small breed puppies.
  • The 30cm (12″, 3/8″ width) bands suit medium to large breed puppies in the progression phase.

With IdentaPup ID Bands, you have an all-inclusive solution for easy identification.

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