The HemaStop Styptic is comprised of two proven styptic compounds, to quickly stop bleeding. Use on bleeding nails, beaks, skin, or any external minor bleeding.  Ferric subsulfate powder is incorporated into a wax petrolatum substrate. The wax serves to seal the nail as well as hold the styptic in place. The wax substrate maintains HemaStop in a tidy, usable form. It has none of the problems associated with the powdered styptics: no more rock-hard clumps or stained mess during application.


When confronted with a bleeding nail, one should hold the paw firmly, acting as a tourniquet, while blotting away blood. Then brush the HemaStop Styptic Stick into the cut surface. One application is usually sufficient but with very short trims the process may have to be repeated to stop the bleeding. For best results, use HemaStop like putty, pressing it into the bleeding wound. Residual blood on the surface of the product will not affect its future usability, however, it is easy to clean off by wiping it with a paper towel. This same application technique works when trimming beaks.

Made in the USA by Jorgensen Laboritories Inc.

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