F10 Trigger Spray Bottle for easy mixing of F10SC Concentrate (sold separately) is a high-quality spray bottle. Instructions of mixing ratios to make up various strength solutions are printed onto the back of the bottle for ease of use.

  • 500ml capacity
  • Empty bottle ready for use
  • F10 label on the side ready for you to fill the bottle with the correct amount of F10 product and water
  • Window on the bottle to mark the content concentration 


F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant Concentrate is a broad-spectrum disinfectant and used in hospitals, kennels and catteries. The F10 Trigger Spray Bottle has an adjustable nozzle, which makes the application easy and thorough.

F10SC is a total spectrum disinfectant, that unlike other strong disinfectants on the market, has no adverse side effects on people, animals, or on equipment and surfaces.

  • Broad-spectrum disinfectant
  • Rapidly kills most viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores
  • No adverse effects on people, animals, surfaces or equipment
  • Biodegradable and ecologically friendly
Weight 0.075 kg


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