The EquiPak Semen Transport Shipper is a low-cost and easy to use transport system for fresh semen. Grooves in base of the shipper allow for transportation of various configurations of containers. These can be either; 3 x 50ml Falcon vials or 9 x 15ml Falcon vials. The EquiPak Semen Transport Shipper has a tight fitting lid, and a specially designed mid-plate. These help keep the internal temperature stable and constant for up to 48hrs. Ice-pack also included.

Semen Storage and Handling:

Semen is best used immediately but if you need to store or transport it, promptly refrigerate to ensure viability. It can safely be chilled for 24 hours with little damage to the sperm’s viability, however, it is best to use a semen extender. The semen extender will also allow you to extend storage up to 48hrs. 

Weight 3.5 kg


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