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The MAVIC 250 Insemination Catheter is the closest to a TCI possible without veterinary equipment and facilities. Because there was a need to improve success rates of vaginal artificial insemination in dogs, the the MAVIC was developed. Typically, semen is deposited using a regular insemination tube, however this often inadequately transfers the semen to the uterus. Subsequently the classical legs-up method to reduce semen reflux (backflow) was commonly used. The MAVIC insemination catheter was developed to technically respond to these problems, making breeders’ and veterinarians’ lives easier. 

The MAVIC insemination catheters increases success by mirroring nature. During a natural mating, a tie occurs with the male penis being locked in the vagina of the female. This tie lasts approximately 10 to 20 minutes, during which time the entire vagina is occupied by the penis. The engorged penis naturally prevents semen reflux. At the same time, the dog’s movements and the expansion of the bulbus glandis of the male stimulates the vagina, inducing contractions which releases oxytocin in the female. Concurrently, these events facilitate semen transfer from the cranial vagina, to the uterus and oviducts of the female, via the cervix.

Features of the MAVIC 250 Insemination Catheter:

  • Length: 25cm
  • 6ml semen safe syringe included
  • 50ml syringe for inflating balloon included
  • Irradiated with sterile packaging
  • Recommended for Small to Large size breeds
  • Application: single use 

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