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ID Bands for Puppies & Kittens by Wagging Tailz comes in 12 Colours, and will not attach to other collars and are a favourite amongst breeders. They are adjustable, no buckles, knots or strings, easy wrap-around design, and require a great deal of strength to loosen or detach (even for the most mischievous puppies). ID Bands for Puppies & Kittens are supplied in sets of 12, with 12 different colours.

Identification, ID or whelping collars and bands are great for accurately identifying puppies in a litter, and are used from birth. Breeders can easily identify each puppy at a glance, which is highly practical for daily weighing, feeding, worming and monitoring.  ID collars are also great for prospective puppy-owners, enabling them to identify their puppy in pictures and video snippets.

ID Bands for Puppies & Kittens by Wagging Tailz Key Features:

  • Suitable from newborn to 8 weeks
  • 12 Collars, 12 different colours
  • Self-Attaching and lightweight
  • Easy wrap-around design
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Won’t stick to other collars or bedding (if applied correctly)
  • Washable and Reusable


  • Puppy
    • SMALL/NEWBORN 20cm (8”, 3/8” width)
    • MEDIUM  30cm (12″, 3/8” width)
    • LARGE 35cm (14”, 3/8″ width)
    • XLARGE 40cm (16″, 3/8” width)
  • Kitten
    • SMALL/NEWBORN 20cm (8”, 3/8” width)
    • MEDIUM 30 cm (12″, 3/8” width)


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