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Feeding Tubes (Oral Fitting) are great for tube feeding puppies and kittens, and have the following features:

  • Oral Connection – use with ORAL SYRINGES (orange)
  • Rounded closed-ended, 2 side eyes
  • Marked at 10cm and 20cm from tip
  • Sterile Medical Grade PVC, Latex-free
  • Made in the UK
  • Sizes available and approximate suitability for puppies based on weight:
    • 3.5FG (<150g puppies)
    • 5FG (100-250g)
    • 6FG (200-350g)
    • 8FG (300-500g)
    • 10FG (>400g)

Tube feeding is often the safest and only method of feeding a newborn puppy, especially weak and low birthweight puppies, who may lack a suckling reflex or are too weak to suckle efficiently. More often than not, the first time we tube feed is in an emergency and we may not be confident or mentally prepared for it. And it may be scary. The second time is easier, and before you know it, you are a pro. Because it saves many a puppy, tube feeding is an invaluable skill for breeders and animal carers. Most importantly is to know to never trim a feeding tube, and never feed a cold baby. Watch this video of correct tube feeding preparation and technique by Myra Savant Harris

How do you choose the size of the feeding tube you need for your puppy?

FG stands for French Gague, and the size is approximately the circumference of the feeding tube in millimetres. A Feeding Tube 8FG has a diameter of 2.66mm x Pi (3.14) = 8.35mm = 8FG. A smaller feeding tube is not necessarily better, as passing formula through a very fine 3.5FG feeding tube can be problematic if it is not perfectly smooth. It is a good idea to get 2-3 different sizes.

Which syringes to use?

Tube feeding syringes are typically orange in colour (sometimes purple), indicating that they are for enteral/oral/tube feeding. Tube feeding equipment has slightly different fittings to normal luer slip syringes. This prevents misconnections in a hospital setting (IV lines, oxygen lines etc). Therefore, please note that they ARE NOT compatible with regular luer slip syringes or the ENFit system. Our compatible oral syringes have a silicone o-ring for superior smooth action and improved re-use. Compatible Oral Syringes are available in sizes 1ml-60ml.

Oral Fitting vs. ENFit – what is the difference?

Feeding Tubes tubes have evolved over the past couple of decades. This is due to problems with accidental connections between various tubes and lines entering and exiting the body in a hospital setting. The classic slip tip system developed into the Oral Fitting system (slightly thicker tips). However, this was not sufficient as some connections could be forced. Later, the ENFit system was designed, and it provides a more secure connection, without risk of misconnections. Peadiatric hospital wards in Australia now use the ENFit system as standard.

Feeding Tube

3.5FG – 31cm, 5FG – 40cm, 6FG – 40cm, 8FG – 40cm


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