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Di-Vetelact is a milk replacer for orphaned and early weaned animals. It can also be used as a general supplement for older animals, as well as pregnant and lactating animals. Di-Vetelact Low Lactose Animal Supplement has had its lactose component converted to more easily digestible glucose and galactose.

The Di-Vetelact 95% lactose-free formula is suitable for puppies, kittens, rabbits, foals, lambs, calves, piglets, kids, crias, fauns, furred and furless native animals. In addition, you can use Di-Vetelact in powder or liquid form as a general supplement for older animals.

Key Benefits of Di-Vetelact:

  • Made from premium Australian and New Zealand Dairy Ingredients
  • Essential amino acids, for optimal growth and development
  • Omega fatty acids – linolenic acid from vegetable oils and milk fats convert into Omega 3 EPA and DHA
  • Folate and Iron – cell growth and energy production
  • Iodine, vitamin B12, vitamin D and Niacin – brain development and healthy cognitive function
  • Zinc, Vitamins B6, B12, C, E, D – healthy immune system
  • Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D – promote bone and teeth strength
  • Taurine – heart and eye health
  • Vitamin A – promotes the vision
  • Antioxidants (selenium, vitamins C, A, E) – helps prevent free radical cell damage
  • Manganese – muscle development and anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin and mineral co-factors for maximum absorption of nutrients
  • Contains 24% protein and 30% fat – ideal ratios for optimal health
  • 60% of the protein content is from whey protein which is rapidly and easily absorbed by the body
  • 95% lactose-free for sensitive stomachs
  • Easily digestible glucose and galactose

Di-Vetelact Feeding Guide:

  • Dilution A: for Foals, calves, kids and fawns
    • Mix 1 scoop of Divetelact to 60ml of warm water, or
    • To make 1 Litre, mix 135g (15 scoops) with 900ml warm water
  • Dilution B: for Lambs, Native animals, Rabbits, Kittens, Piglets and Puppies
    • Start on Dilution A and gradually increase to
    • 1 scoop of Divetelact to 40ml of warm water
    • To make 1 Litre, mix 200gm (22 scoops) to 850ml warm water

Ingredients: Lactose Hydrolysed skim and whole milk solids, dried vegetable oils, dextrose, dried glucose solids, caseinates, lecithin, minerals, taurine, vitamins, mixed tocopherols and emulsifiers

You can also add probiotics such as Protexin for animals who are or have been treated with antibiotics, or who need help establishing a healthy gut flora.

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